The Knight Rider show.


In 1982 it all started…. That’s when the series Knight Rider first came on television.

The viewers saw a Hi-tech 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans am, a car that could do almost anything!!

The car also had a name called K.I.T.T. stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand.

The dream of the people who saw these series was to own a exact car like in the show….

And now we are the ones who will make that possible!!

We are going to make all possible parts that the car had and as original as possible and well fitted.

We will also make the car as functional as possible so if you want your car to look exactly like in the show then you will now have the opportunity to do that!!


Driving a K.I.T.T. is really a lot of fun!!


So check out our site for all the possibility’s and we can say to you one thing…it is worth it!!!